ACS experiment for atmospheric studies on "ExoMars-2016" Orbiter

O. I. Korablev , F. Montmessin, A. A. Fedorova, N. I. Ignatiev, A. V. Shakun, A. V. Trokhimovskiy, A. V. Grigoriev, K. A. Anufreichik and T. O. Kozlova
December, 2015

ACS is a set of spectrometers for atmospheric studies (Atmospheric Chemistry Suite). It is one of the Russian instruments for the Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) of the Russian-European "ExoMars" program. The purpose of the experiment is to study the Martian atmosphere by means of two observations regimes: sensitive trace gases measurements in solar occultations and by monitoring the atmospheric state during nadir observations. The experiment will allow us to approach global problems of Mars research such as current volcanism, and the modern climate status and its evolution. Also, the experiment is intended to solve the mystery of methane presence in the Martian atmosphere. Spectrometers of the ACS set cover the spectral range from the near IR-range (0.7 μm) to the thermal IR-range (17 μm) with spectral resolution λ/Δλ reaching 50000. The ACS instrument consists of three independent IR spectrometers and an electronics module, all integrated in a single unit with common mechanical, electrical and thermal interfaces. The article gives an overview of scientific tasks and presents the concept of the experiment.

Solar System Research, Volume 49, Issue 7, pp.529-537. DOI: 10.1134/S003809461507014X*~hmac=8a5c1990a1e33dee8600e36a85af9eb25f9c92611ddf54da2012b7922300a952