The micro-exhibition

The Martian puzzle: a general description
The Martian Puzzle is a cutting-edge exhibition of our current knowledge about Mars. It focuses on different aspects of research into the planet (dust, atmosphere, water cycle, subsurface, etc.) and it is designed to further the objectives of the UPWARDS project and the development of the ExoMars mission.

• To communicate the objectives and results of the UPWARDS project.
• To convey the latest scientific knowledge about Mars and the questions that remain unanswered.
• To communicate the importance of space exploration to the past, present and future knowledge of Mars, with special emphasis on the ExoMars and Mars Express missions.

The exhibition experience:
The exhibition is divided into several sections or scenarios, each with a main exhibition element and a series of secondary elements to support it and integrate it into the exhibition as a whole: The puzzle | The researchers | The trip | The pieces | The postcards

Opening of the exhibition
Parque de las Ciencias de Granada: 15th May 2017.  It will be there around 2 months.
Cité de l'espace (Toulouse): TBD