UPWARDS articles

The solsticial pause on Mars: 2 modelling and investigation of causes

January, 2016

David P. Mulholland, Stephen R. Lewis, Peter L. Read, Jean-Baptiste Madeleine and Francois Forget

Science objectives and performances of NOMAD, a spectrometer suite for the ExoMars TGO mission

December, 2015

A.C. Vandaele, E. Neefs, R. Drummond, I.R. Thomas, F. Daerden, J.-J. Lopez-Moreno, and 37 coauthors

The physics of Martian weather and climate: a review

December, 2015

P. L. Read, S. R. Lewis and D. P. Mulholland

The Imaging Ultraviolet Spectrograph (IUVS) for the MAVEN Mission

December, 2015

William E. McClintock, Nicholas M. Schneider, Gregory M. Holsclaw, John T. Clarke, Alan C. Hoskins, Ian Stewart, Franck Montmessin, Roger V. Yelle and Justin Deighan

ACS experiment for atmospheric studies on "ExoMars-2016" Orbiter

December, 2015

O. I. Korablev , F. Montmessin, A. A. Fedorova, N. I. Ignatiev, A. V. Shakun, A. V. Trokhimovskiy, A. V. Grigoriev, K. A. Anufreichik and T. O. Kozlova

Seasonal variation of the HDO/H2O ratio in the atmosphere of Mars at the middle of northern spring and beginning of northern summer

November, 2015

Shohei Aoki, Hiromu Nakagawa, Hideo Sagawa, Marco Giuranna, Giuseppe Sindoni, Alessandro Aronica and Yasumasa Kasaba

Unique Spectroscopy and Imaging of Mars with JWST

October, 2015

Geronimo L. Villanueva, Francesca Altieri, Todd R. Clancy, Therese Encrenaz, Thierry Fouchet, Paul Hartogh, Emmanuel Lellouch, Miguel A. Lopez-Valverde, Michael J. Mumma, Robert E. Novak, Michael D. Smith, Ann-Carine Vandaele, Michael J. Wolff, Pierre Ferruit and Stefanie N. Milam

Sulfur in the early Martian atmosphere revisited: Experiments with a 3-D Global Climate Model

November, 2015

Laura Kerber, François Forget and Robin Wordsworth

A solar escalator on Mars: Self-lifting of dust layers by radiative heating, Geophysical Research Letters

September, 2015

F. Daerden, J. A. Whiteway, L. Neary, L. Komguem, M. T. Lemmon, N. G. Heavens, B. A. Cantor, E. Hébrard and M. D. Smith

Analysing the consistency of Martian methane observations by investigation of global methane transport

September, 2015

James A. Holmes, Stephen R. Lewis and Manish R. Patel

Numerical modelling of the transport of trace gases including methane in the subsurface of Mars

April, 2015

Adam H. Stevens, Manish R. Patel and Stephen R. Lewis

Removal of atmospheric features in near infrared spectra by means of principal component analysis and target transformation on Mars: I. Method

June, 2015

A. Geminale, D. Grassi, F. Altieri, G. Serventi, C. Carli, F.G. Carrozzo, M. Sgavetti, R. Orosei, E. D’Aversa, G. Bellucci and A. Frigeri

Cooling of the Martian thermosphere by CO2 radiation and gravity waves: An intercomparison study with two general circulation models

May, 2015

A. S. Medvedev, F. González-Galindo, E. Yiğit, A. G. Feofilov, F. Forget, and P. Hartogh